About Bolonka

Most people prefer it for its small size. Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka – or Bolonka Zwetna – was first developed in Russia as a rare toy breed of the Bichon type. Its name means multicolored, and the truth is that the color of the coat can be red, brown, black, gray, white, or wolf-gray. The height is about 18-27 cm, while the weight is from 2 to 5 kilos. Here are some things you should consider before getting a Bolonka.

The temperament of Bolonka

It’s an intelligent and friendly pet. Bolonka isn’t usually shy or aggressive unless you don’t pay it much attention. The owners praise them for their affectionate, easy-going and sociable temperament. When your pet does not have these characteristics, you must discuss with a dog trainer and find the best solutions for your furry friend.

Bolonka could be a great watchdog, considering its powerful tendency to defend their territory. You will learn soon how noisy they can get!  They bark when they hear the doorbell and could learn to salute their favorite characters from TV shows. When it comes to caring for them, their coat needs less grooming than other long-haired toy breeds. Although they are not quite hypoallergenic, they have less dander and living with them is easier, compared to other dogs.

Should you buy a Bolonka?

If you have kids and look for a good family pet, Bolonka is a good choice. The breed is super friendly, but they cannot stay solely outside. The dogs love to play and run, but they get tired easily. They would rather sit quietly in your lap or purse while you are socializing with your friends or enjoying a beautiful movie. However, don’t treat them as humans! They have animal instincts and need firm obedience training. Get a Bolonka only if you are responsible and can invest time and effort in their well-being.

Una piel más suave y un contorno mejorado del busto en semanas

contorno mejorado del bustoCon el paso de los años el cuerpo humano sufre todo tipo de transformaciones, tanto naturales como aquellas que vienen impuestas por el medio ambiente, y todas ellas se presentan de manera muy especial en las mujeres, algo que Breast Actives desde conoce muy bien. En tal sentido, por ejemplo, algunos de los cambios más significativos pero que irónicamente pasan desapercibidos hasta una cierta edad en las féminas, es el de su piel. Según  estudios realizados por investigadores alemanes de la Universidad Friedrich Schiller, la piel femenina tiende a envejecer de forma más acelerada en comparación con la de los hombres debido a la pérdida de colágeno.

Hablando con mayor profundidad, es necesario tomar en cuenta que el mencionado colágeno está compuesto por un grupo de proteínas que se ubican en la dermis, donde allí se ocupa de todo lo referente al tejido conectivo de la piel. Además, la elastina es otra proteína que está involucrada en este tipo de procesos, puesto que su función es permitir que los tejidos cartilaginosos vuelvan a su estado natural luego de diversos esfuerzos (estiramientos, arrugas) que, al igual que otros elementos de la misma naturaleza, pierden su capacidad de acción y producción con el paso de los años.

Una opción para el mantenimiento de la piel

Todo lo anteriormente mencionado suele generar una gran problemática en la mujer latinoamericana, ya que la atención que le presta a su apariencia a diferencia del resto de las mujeres del mundo es, prácticamente, un rasgo distintivo de su cultura. Sin embargo, para atender la piel sanamente hace falta más que mantenerla humectada y perfumada con finas fragancias, por lo cual los productos de Breast Actives son una alternativa completa y efectiva.

La fórmula de Breast Actives está diseñada con el fin primero de afirmar el busto femenino, y en segundo lugar de aumentarlo, levantarlo y todo aquello que permita lucirlo de una forma asombrosa. Dicho esto, su suplemento diario hecho con ingredientes naturales y su crema tópica son ideales para estimular el desarrollo y fortalecimiento de la piel a partir del tejido mamario, ya que al este estar en constante atención si el tratamiento es correctamente aplicado y seguido, se nutrirá de manera positiva para el organismo todo aquel tejido muscular perteneciente a la zona torácica. Adicionalmente, el tejido cutáneo se verá favorecido puesto que estará dotado de una mayor firmeza que será pieza fundamental de su rejuvenecimiento a nivel celular.

When to get a Havanese Bichon

Bichon lovers can choose from a wide variety of toy dogs. Unlike other breeds, the Havanese – or Bichon Habanero – is the national dog of Cuba and has a silky-smooth coat that kids love. It has a curious disposition and vivacious personality, the reason why not anyone can breed them. So, how can you decide when to get a Havanese Bichon?

About the Havanese

The dog is small – approximately 23-27 cm – and has a sturdy structure. It doesn’t weigh more than 3-6 kilos. The abundant and long coat can have different colors: brown, black, red, gray, white. It can adapt to any environment. Plus, they have a springy gait and enjoy being around people. Living them alone for several hours in a row may lead to unwanted consequences! They could get upset and ruin your favorite shoes.

The fur can be left long, or benefit of the puppy cut. You may stylish it with cute bows, and take the hair off their eyes. The best thing about the breed is that the Havanese is intelligent and can be easily trained. However, if you buy an older pet that wasn’t trained, this process will be more complicated. You will need the assistance of a professional dog trainer. But there are lovable, and attached to their owners.

When to buy a pet

Remember that the Havanese need more attention than other pets. If you cannot give it some of your time, they will not grow happy and healthy. They enjoy playing outside, but they love spending time with you. Thankfully, if you cannot go in parks as much as they need, the breed could be trained to use a litter box.

Get a Havanese Bichon if you can comb them at least twice weekly. The pet is not yappy but could alert you when people are approaching. Become a pet owner only if you think that you could take good care of your furry friend!

Best lap dog breeds

Pets offer us more than just company. They bring us sincere joy and unconditional love. Your skilled trainer can share with you a variety of studies that show the benefits of living with a dog. Let her counsel you in order to find a suitable partner and create a valuable affective bond.

The joy that comes with adopting a furry friend

An increasing number of scientific studies have proven that people with pets tend to get sick less often than those who do not have any. Intelligent friends will show that these investigations revealed that the only act of caressing a dog for at least 10 minutes regulates heart rate, blood pressure and triglycerides levels.

Additionally, these furry friends have an excellent ability to smell cancer in the human body. There are a large number of stories where many owners claim that their hounds kept sniffing a specific area of their skin. Carcinogenic cells were later found on such zone.

Expert trainers will tell you that some dogs are currently being prepared to detect bladder, skin, ovary, lung, colon and breast cancer through breath. Some previously trained hounds are also capable of detecting low blood sugar levels. There are canines which can warn their owners of an impending epileptic seizure before it happens.

Living with a dog increases the levels of joy which in turn decreases the chances for a depressive episode. Even those that are likely to fall into this emotional state can avoid it by taking care of a hound and enjoying its companionship.

Taking care of a dog involves responsibilities and a certain routine that forces the owner to remain more active and feel more useful. Your intelligent friend will explain you that the affection and love that comes from interacting with your pet can help you to have a positive mentality. As a result, an increasing number of hounds are being trained to assist in many therapies through an interpersonal socialization with patients.

Having a pet also changes your lifestyle. You get to acquire healthier habits. The majority of canine owners perform throughout the day a minimum of 30 minutes of walking.

As clever trainers will explain you, such activities help reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the odds of becoming obese. A study made in 2006 by Canadian investigators revealed that dog owners used to walk around 310 minutes every week. In contrast, people who did not have any pet used to walk only 160 minutes.

Finding your ideal puppy

If you live inside an apartment and if you are in pursuit of an affectionate partner, a small dog could be your best choice. Breeds like Russian coloured Bichon and Pomeranian are characterized for having a friendly personality. However, if you cannot make up your mind, your proficient trainer can explain you the main features of each race.

For instance, Pomeranian dogs are very popular for being smart, very clean and easy to train. The weight of these little buddies ranges from 3.5 to 8 pounds. They are adaptable to urban life and require a minimum amount of exercise.

The Russian coloured Bichon has a stable personality and it is easily adapted to a homely atmosphere as acquainted people will tell you. They provide a valuable assistance on therapy centers.